Workflow Icon Generator

Generate icons for your Alfred 2 workflows. This webservice is a backend service for the Alfred bundler.


All implementations return the full local path to the requested icon (downloading it first if necessary) and take (mostly) the same arguments:

Argument Description Examples
icon The name of the icon/character. Use the preview links to view available icons and their names. adult, ban-circle, adjust, youtube
font The name of the font (see below). fontawesome, elusive
colour A CSS colour without preceding #. May be 3 or 6 characters, upper- or lowercase. FFF, e3a2d1, 000000

Bash bundler

If you're using the bundler wrapper, you call __load with icon name, font name, 'icon' and CSS colour, e.g.:


icon_center=$(__load align-center fontawesome icon 000000)
icon_left=$(__load arrow-circle-left fontawesome icon e5e5e5)

('icon' is the type of asset you're requesting.)

icon_center and icon_left contain the paths to the respective PNG icon files.

Miscellaneous bundler

If you're using the bundler wrapper, you call it with icon name, font name, 'icon' and CSS colour, e.g.: align-center fontawesome icon 000000 arrow-circle-left fontawesome icon e5e5e5

('icon' is the type of asset you're requesting.)

It will echo the path of the requested icon to stdout.

PHP bundler

Icons are currently not available to users of the PHP bundler. Sorry :(

Python bundler

If you're using, call the icon() function with icon name, font name and CSS colour, e.g.:

import bundler

icon_centre = bundler.icon('align-center', 'fontawesome', '000000')
icon_left = bundler.icon('arrow-circle-left', 'fontawesome', 'e5e5e5')

bundler.icon() returns the Unicode path to the icon file.

Please consult the source code for extensive documentation.


These fonts are currently supported by the service. Click the "preview" links to see the each font's icons and their names.

Font Bundler name Preview
Elusive Icons elusive View icons
Font Awesome fontawesome View icons
IcoMoon icomoon View icons
Octicons octicons View icons
Open Iconic open-iconic View icons
Typicons typicons View icons


Note: Be aware when mixing icons from different fonts that they can have significantly different sizes. In particular, some, but not all, Typicons are significantly smaller than icons from the other fonts:

Elusive Icons Font Awesome Typicons
adjust adjust adjust-contrast
inbox download download-outline

More information

This icon server is developed and operated by Dean Jackson for the Alfred Bundler by Shawn Patrick Rice.

The source code can be found on GitHub.